FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of the questions we are most commonly asked by clients. If you have a query we can help you with, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What “level” of white glove delivery service do you offer?
We offer the highest industry standard of white glove delivery and installation services. This does not solely relate to the strict use of gloves and other protective measures when handling our client’s items – each one of our technicians is highly skilled in the handling, assembly and placement of luxury furniture, fine art and antiques. 

What standard of “art installation” can your team accommodate?
Henley Shipping is proud to be able to offer the services of our dedicated art technicians. These highly talented individuals are experts in the handling, packing, and hanging of artwork and mirrors, in accordance with the wishes of our clients.

How thorough is your condition checking and inventory management service?
We strive to stand out as the white glove logistics company that applies the utmost care and attention to detail every facet of the services offered. This is particularly relevant to our condition checking and inventory management services, whereby each item we receive is subjected to a painstakingly detailed conditions check. Our technicians photograph the piece in question against a white background, alongside closeups of any issues/conditions that may be present.  Our client managers return a condition report to the respective client within 48 hours and update their photo supported online inventory that can be constantly accessed.

How important are the site checks your company carries out for interior design projects?
For interior design projects in particular we like to stress the paramount importance of a site visit from one of our team leaders or management team. A detailed survey of the project site allows us to ascertain any potential internal and external access issues long before they pose a threat to the installation. Moreover, this allows us to make a comprehensive installation plan to ensure the installation is conducted in a seamless and efficient manner. 

Can you arrange and manage specialist equipment (hoists, lifts & cranes etc) for sites with difficult access?
When our team leaders identify potential access issues we immediately prescribe and organise bespoke solutions. We will not only arrange the necessary specialist equipment but also skilfully manage its implementation.

If items arrive to your facility form suppliers ‘unpacked’ (or ‘insufficiently packed’), how are they dealt with?
Our clients are rest assured that this does not pose a problem or issue. Following a thorough condition check and white background photographs our technicians will expertly pack the items in premium materials, subject to our warehousing rates.

Does your company operate under “Non-disclosure Agreements”?
Project installations on behalf high net worth individuals and those in the public eye are core feature of our work; therefore, although confidentiality to one of our core values, we are always happy to work under a non-disclosure agreement stipulated by a client.

For export shipments will you handle all the export documentation and customs clearance procedures?
Yes, with the benefit of experience shipping across the globe, we always ensure all the correct export documentation and customs clearance procedures are dealt with on behalf of our clients.

Can we help further or answer any other questions?
If you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our friendly office team is always delighted to assist existing and prospective clients alike.

Specialist Worldwide Logistics Focused on High Value Furniture, Artwork and Antiques

Based in Greater London, Henley Shipping is tailored to cater for the needs of Interior Designers, Design Furniture Companies, Art Galleries & Private Individuals. Our services include: Interior Design Project Services, Worldwide & European Shipping, UK Wide Collections & Deliveries (3PL), Storage & Inventory Management, Specialist Packing & Export Casing, Fine Art Services.

We pride ourselves on building the strongest relationships with our clients, driven by our guarantee that our customers will receive an industry leading white glove service from start to finish. Henley offers the best customer service possible and most importantly, the utmost professional delivery service the industry can offer. Contact our London office today for more information on how we could assist you.

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